Saturday, July 25, 2009

violent action or reaction

Violence is a violent action or reaction. It is the use of force, usually intended to cause problems or destructions. There are three major types of violence: physical, psychological, moral.

A violent person uses force, he can beat, kill or rape . Physical violence has many forms, raping is considered an act of violence since the man uses physical force to abuse the girl for a sexual goal. According to some studies, physical violence can lead to violent reaction. An example of that, is an incident in a Lebanese university that began with physical violence to which the reaction lead to a murder.

Some physical violence have psychological effects. This is separate from psychological violence. Psychological violence is manifested in behavior. It is a sort of a game where emotions such as fear and instability are stimulated. In the old soviet empire, psychological violence was used to terrify people from the internal security apparatuses, and the army. Hitler is another example where psychological violence was used as a form of propaganda to instill fear in the enemy. This type of violence has severe effects on individuals as it targets memories, dreams and psychological stability.

According to psychologist, violence on a psychological level can have moral effects. A person may use his voice to shout to oppress the person he is carrying a conversation with. This form of moral abuse may also lead to a violent physical reaction.

A violent person's freedom stops when it starts to infringe on the freedom of others. Violent behavior also has grave effects on the person’s own physical and mental health, in addition to the permanent effect on his feelings and emotional well being.

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